Susan Berkley’s 
“How To Get Voice Over Jobs on LinkedIn” Workshop

“Let Me Show You How To Use LinkedIn
To Get So Many New Voice Over Clients…
You’ll Need A Waiting List Just To Handle Them All!”

Saturday March 16, 2024
11 am-5:00 pm ET

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Dear Great Voice, 

If you’d like to know how to use simple and free LinkedIn to get so many new voice over clients you will never have to worry about an empty calendar again…

Then I’d like to show you how.

On Saturday, March 16th from 11 am-5:00 pm ET, I am hosting a special workshop called:

“How To Use LinkedIn To Grow Your Voice Over Business”

LinkedIn is a social network designed to help business professionals connect. ... and because it’s ideal for building connections for freelance work, it’s perfect for growing your voice over business. During this day-long, enjoy-it-from-your-living-room-couch workshop, I will show you everything you need to know about using LinkedIn to land voice over clients right away. Plus, we’ll look over your shoulder and help you out as you start setting up your “VO client magnet” profile during the workshop.

But you might be wondering… “Why LinkedIn?”

Well the simple fact is that “networking” has changed drastically! In years past, my students would ask me how to land clients. And I would tell them to go out and meet as many potential clients face-to-face as possible.
But obviously that is a lot less possible today than it was just a year ago. So over the last 12 months, I’ve been trying to answer a simple question:

“How can new and intermediate voice over talent bring in a steady stream of clients, without feeling stressed, burnt out, or like they are constantly selling themselves?”

And after a long search and a deep dive study… I have found my answer.
Which is what I will be revealing on this hard-hitting, no-holds-barred LinkedIn workshop. We will cover….
  • The “ABC’s” of setting up your profile and building your VO BRAND on LinkedIn, Even though the LinkedIn service agreement doesn’t permit you to have two profiles, (one for our day job and another for your voice-over business) we’ll show you how to seamlessly blend the two.
  • Networking in the new world. Just because you can’t meet face-to-face doesn’t mean the human element is gone. In this LinkedIn workshop, I’ll show you how to make profitable and lasting connections even if you are “hiding behind” your desk.
  •  Why mindset matters. You could be the best voice talent in the world… but without the right mindset to help you beat the insidious disease I call GTGR (pronounced GRIT-grrr), or Getting Ready To Get Ready, you’ll procrastinate and struggle to find clients. That’s why I’m revealing my best mindset hacks in this training to keep you motivated!
Plus, we’ll also show you… 
  • How to network with your ideal voice over prospects without feeling like a sleazy used-car salesman …
  • How to create your unique Voice-over Brand on LinkedIn
  • How to research client opportunities even if you can barely use Google 
  • Simple ways to build lasting client relationships on autopilot…and more!
My goal for you is to walk away from this workshop with everything you need to start landing great clients on LinkedIn without breaking a sweat. So here’s the deal:

The investment for the How To Grow Your Voice Over Business on LinkedIn training is $497. And considering that this workshop is a solid 6 hours of amazing content (with plenty of snack and bathroom breaks)… just one new client will pay back your investment and then some…

In fact, I told one colleague about this, and she smirked and said I could charge 2 or 3 times as much and it would still be too little. But I wanted to make this an easy decision for you. Which is why I priced it so incredibly low. This really is a steal!
SIGN UP NOW and get this incredible package of LinkedIn Bonuses! (Total value: $445)
(First 25 only) Your LinkedIn Profile Review! ($250 value)
We’ll review your LinkedIn profile and send you written feedback with suggestions for improvement to make sure you’re all set and good to go!
How to price your voice over services without scaring customers away! (a $195 value)
  • The 7 biggest myths about pricing every voice talent needs to know
  • What to say when a prospect angrily says “Your price is too high!”
  • How some voice talent can command 10, 20 even 100 times more than others and still have loyal clients who love them.
  • Why you should never work for price buyers (how to spot them and run like hell!)
  • Clever ways to raise your prices instantly.
  • What you absolutely, positively need to know about price presentation, why almost everyone screws this up and how to avoid the most bone-headed mistakes.
  • And much, much more!
Amazing Bonus #1:
A $297 discount coupon towards your first or next voice over demo, any genre! Take advantage of this generous demo discount and with everything you’ll be learning in this LinkedIN training, you’ll be able to hit the ground running the minute you finish your new demo!

May not be combined with any other offer. Demo must be purchased by 4/30/24.
Amazing Bonus #2:
A FREE 30 Day Test Drive Of Our Speak To Perform Voice Over Club! (Value: $47)
  • Monthly Marketing Curriculum Call with me
  • The Great Voice Vault of VO Trainings
  • Member Forum
  • 10% Discount on Masterclasses and Flash Trainings
New members only. (May not be combined with any other offer.)
Important Refund and Cancellation Policy
You may cancel your registration and request a full refund up to 5 pm ET on Friday March 15th. After that there will be no refunds, whether or not you attend the How To Grow Your Voice Over Business on LinkedIn training on Saturday March 16th and, with your paid enrollment you will still get lifetime access to the recordings of the programs for which you registered.
Upgrade your training
Add the Home Studio Masterclass and Certification Program at registration and save $100!
In this small-group masterclass, Great Voice engineer Ron Puckett will take you by the hand, and help you go from square one to setting up your home studio and recording broadcast quality audio in just about 30 days or less.

You’ll discover how to:
  • Choose  the best audio gear without breaking the bank and learn how to set it up.
  • Install and use the best recording software.
  • Easily eliminate background noise with inexpensive, easy-to-use software.
    ​Edit out mistakes from your audio.
  • Meet the precise audio specifications of your future clients.
  • Save, send and upload audio files.
Receive the Great Voice Audio Certified seal of approval upon course completion.
Normally $497, the Home Studio Masterclass is only $397 when you bundle it with the Marketing Masterclass at checkout. Offered monthly, choose dates that work for you.
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"You helped me with everything....from voice acting skills to marketing to home studio how-to!" - Liz Ladd
"Yesterday I narrated my fourth video game!" - David Seager
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Listen to what other people have to say:

“Great Investment!!”

The Linkedin Bootcamp was an awesome experience!  Susan and Mark imparted such important information from the actual set-up of this platform to the implementation once completely finished. They were both so patient and answered questions thoroughly. Highly recommended to anyone wanting to learn about Linkedin.!  Great investment!!

Aisha Kennerly, Corona, CA


“I’ve gotten so much out of this course!"

Worth every penny. I've gotten so much out of this course. It's not only about voiceover but how to be a successful entrepreneur in any arena!! You guys are great!!

Clare Edlund
Oscar-Nominated Filmmaker | Award-Winning Director | Voice Over Artist 


“A must if you want to market yourself properly online!"

I have attended several online courses with The Great Voice Co. and benefited every time. The new LinkedIn session covers the basics really well -- a must of you want to market yourself properly online.

Drew DeCarvalho. 
The Voice Of Australia in America 


“My profile is now 100% better!"

A great course on how to utilize LinkedIn and make your profile stand out more than ever. I learned a lot that I didn't know about how to improve my profile and now it is 100% better.

Thomas Hoog


“I highly recommend this course!"

The LinkedIn workshop was superb. Tons of great info and how-to's from Susan to create or update our LinkedIn profile to include our voice work. And Mark's practical workshop on how to use all of LinkedIn's features to get voiceover work was fabulous. I highly recommend this course, it's worth every penny.

Mary Ellin Kurtz

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