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A Special Voice Over Demo Offer For You

Dear Friend,

 For a very limited time, we’ve set aside a limited number of spots on the coveted Great Voice Demo Calendar exclusively for interested students.

 From planning and strategy… to nailing your recording… and even editing and post-production… we’ve got your back! This really is the entire “soup-to-nuts” demo deal you’ve been waiting for!

But before we dig into what this means to your budding voice over business, I’d like to take a few minutes to explain…

How We’re Different

At the Great Voice Company, we know that the ability to record and produce broadcast quality audio from your home studio is absolutely essential for every beginning voice talent. Your customers expect it and you can’t be running to an outside studio for every audition and booking. You must be able to produce professional recordings from home and on the road whenever opportunity strikes.

While a handful of our students are comfortable with their recording gear, the majority are new beginners struggling to set up and use their home studio. They tell us it’s a big roadblock to their success.

After all, what good is it to have a professionally produced demo recorded at someone else’s professional recording studio (like some of our competitors suggest) if you can’t provide the same broadcast quality audio from home or on the road when you get hired!

That's why we include our live Home Studio Masterclass Certification Program and unlimited 90 Day Home Studio Support.

Our NO FAIL You- Can- do- this Guarantee

We feel so strongly about empowering you to become a home studio expert, that we require all of our students to take our Home Studio Masterclass and get our Home Studio Seal of Approval™ before you record your demo. But don’t worry.  Even if you’re a completely green new beginner with two left thumbs, we guarantee you’ll pass! That’s why if your home studio fails to meet our broadcast quality standards for any reason at all, you can take the class again the following month and work privately with our audio engineering team for no additional charge until you receive our Home Studio Seal of Approval™. Your success is guaranteed!
We Are Giving You Everything You Need
To Take Your Voice Over Business To the Next Level!

     And that’s true even if you are a “wet-behind-the-ears” beginner. In fact, Susie Hackle of New Milford, CT, recorded a demo with us recently. And even though she admitted to being “as green as can be”... her demo helped her land her very first paying job! See:

“I am a newbie, as green as can be, and have been studying with you for over a year. Recently, I submitted my audition using the equipment you recommended and the demo clip I made with you and got the gig! My first paying job! I couldn't believe it! I feel so encouraged. Thank you!”

     And we’ve helped dozens of people just like Susie. For example, another self-proclaimed newbie, Dan Orrico of Bridgewater, NJ, had similar success with our demo process:

“This time last year I had no clue what I was doing. Now I have a demo, a home studio, have completed a bunch of gigs and have you and your team to thank for it. One of my clients even wrote that I provided: ‘Excellent work from a world-class VO artist!’ That’s incredible for someone only doing this a year!”

     And then there is Great Voice grad, Moses Andrade, who after recording his demo with us, landed one client worth $13,500:

“I just signed a contract to read a primer on the G-20 with a Washington-based Think Tank. To date with just this one client I’ve earned $13,500. Usually, I would have second-guessed myself but not this time. I give Susan’s humane approach credit for this mindset shift. I have other clients as well and I’m excited to continue building my VO business.”

     The point is that a professionally-recorded demo can be your ticket to a thriving voice over business. And once your demo is done, you’ll have an asset you can use to land voice over jobs again and again for your ever-growing list of happy clients!

But I know what you might be thinking:

“Can’t I just wing it with a home made demo
and pray for the best?”

     Sadly you can’t. Because a proper demo takes a LOT of know-how. From what script to record… to how you record it… to making sure your studio produces broadcast-quality sound… to post-editing and production… and a whole lot more.

That’s why…

It Is Darn Near Impossible To Produce a Broadcast-Quality
Voice Over Demo All by Your Lonesome.

If you want it done right, it takes a qualified team. A team that specializes in voice over demos and has successfully produced hundreds of them. Speaking of which…

Behind-the-Scenes of a Professional Demo
Press the play button above to watch a recent webinar about our demo coaches
And as soon as you accept this invitation, we’ll select the demo coach that’s best for you and you’ll be able to book your first of five virtual demo coaching sessions with them. During these coaching sessions, they will help you:

Choose the perfect type of demo to meet your goals... Pick the scripts that will give you the best chance of success… Fine tune and polish your scripts until they are perfect and direct you on the day of your recording!

In other words, they’ll be there helping, guiding, and assisting you every step of the way.

Plus, with our proprietary demo process, now you can…

Record Your New Voice Over Demo From the Comfort and Safety
 of Your Home… Even If You Can Barely Operate an iPhone Now!

 How so? Well to answer that, let me introduce you to…
Bonus Gift #1:
90 Days of Unlimited Support From Your Personal
“On-Call” Sound Engineer! - A $1,500 Value

If you’re serious about VO, you’ll need to get broadcast-quality sound from your home studio as soon as possible. So why not knock out your demo… and beef up your home-studio in one fell swoop! That’s right!

When you accept this invitation you’ll get a professional Great Voice audio engineer in your corner.  As part of this exclusive invitation, you can get our audio engineer's help setting up your home studio so it produces top-quality audio each and every time!

But don’t worry, our engineers aren't “too technical.” In fact, we've helped voice talent of all ages set up and use their studios.

And even though our audio engineers are total “tech geeks”... they have the patience of a saint! They'll help you with any studio, recording, or sound quality problem until it’s fixed. And the best part is, they make even the complicated easy! And because you may need extra help with your studio,

Our audio engineers have agreed to…
Chris Fox
Give You an Unlimited Amount of Sessions…
Until Your Home Studio Sounds Perfect!
You get unlimited sessions until your home studio is perfect (within 90 days of accepting this offer*) Which means our audio engineers will help you troubleshoot and fix unexpected audio problems and refine the sound of your studio.

Even after 30 years in the VO business I’ve never heard of anyone doing anything quite like this. Sure, there are audio engineers who may help you with your studio. But how many do you know that have worked with major media outlets AND will give you UNLIMITED sessions... no matter how long it takes?

It can not be overstated how valuable this is to your VO career. Because once your home studio is set up, it will be good to go practically for life! We’re giving this a $1,500 value. But really, it could easily be worth triple that. And you get it FREE when you reply today! But that’s not all. You’ll also get… 
Bonus Gift #2:
A ticket to The Home Studio Masterclass And Certification Program! – A $497 value
The Home Studio Masterclass is a 30-day sprint to help you have a broadcast-quality home
studio and record your voice overs like a pro...even if you’ve never done this before.

In this small-group masterclass our expert audio engineer Ron Puckett will look over your virtual shoulder, take you by the hand, give you feedback every step of the way, to help you go from square one to recording broadcast quality audio from home.

You’ll discover how to:
  • Choose the best audio gear without breaking the bank.
  • Properly set up your digital audio workstation
  • Choose and install the best recording software
  • Easily eliminate background noise
  • Edit out mistakes, breaths, mouth noise and other glitches from your audio.
  • Meet the precise audio specifications for your future clients.
Then, when your audio checks all the boxes, you’ll receive The Great Voice Audio Certification
Seal Of Approval
to let your voice over clients know you have what it takes to deliver professional quality audio and a terrific finished product. But that’s not all! With this incredible Demo Package you also get...
Bonus # 3 - 12 Months Of Ongoing Coaching, Support, Networking, Training, And More In The “Speak To Perform Voice Over Club”
To top things off, we’re giving you a full year’s access to our  Speak To Perform Voice Over Club.

This means you’ll get all the benefits, including:

STP Perk #1 - Live Monthly “Marketing Curriculum Calls” With Me, Susan Berkley

This is a monthly live call with me, where I’ll dive into a specific marketing topic that will help you grow your voice over business.

As you may know, I’ve been studying marketing and business development with the best of the best for decades. And I’m humbled to say that I’m known in the industry as the go-to marketing expert for voice talent who really want to grow their business. So really, the sky’s the limit on what I can share and what you will learn as a member!

STP Perk #2 - The Live “Audio Feedback Booth”

The Audio Feedback Booth is your opportunity to submit a :60 audio file recorded in your home studio (such as a commercial, an excerpt from an audiobook or an eLearning narration).

You’ll then join a Zoom call where one of our coaches will play your audio file for the group and give you feedback on your submission. Plus, you’ll get support and encouragement in the chat from your peers.

This valuable member benefit enables you to consistently improve your performance, avoid mistakes and ensure that the sound of your home studio is top-notch, so you can provide your clients with rockstar-quality audio each and every time.

STP Perk #3 - Access To The Entire Great Voice Vault Of Voice Over Trainings!

In addition to the coaching calls, you’ll get access to the DOZENS of training that are currently kept under lock and key inside “The Great Voice Vault of Voice Over Trainings.”

This alone could help take you to voice over success. And I wanted to be sure to include it to give you a steady “drip” of valuable information that will help you improve on every aspect of voice over.

From performance, to marketing, to mindset and more… there’s literally a training on any topic you could ever need.

STP Perk #4 - The Speak To Perform Membership Forum

In the forum, you can network and make friends with people who get you. Plus, you’ll stay connected with a supportive group of peers that can answer your questions, give you feedback on your work, and support you on your journey.

STP Perk #5 - 10% Discounts on Great Voice Masterclasses and Flash Training's

Like I said, the Great Voice Demo Package gives you EVERYTHING you need to build a voice over career. But what if you want additional training from us like our popular Audiobooks Masterclass or Fiverr Training  for example?

Well when you join the Great Voice Demo Package, you’ll save 10% on all our future Masterclasses and Flash Trainings.

Here’s a recap of everything you get
  • Your NEW Professionally Produced Voice Over Demo!
  • Five 1-on-1 demo coaching sessions with one of our professional demo coaches: who collectively have hundreds of successfully-recorded demos to their names.
  • Help and support with every step of your demo (from planning and strategy… to demo day recording… to post-production and more!)
  • All the “nitty-gritty” audio stuff done for you (Includes, editing, sound design, song choice, removing unwanted noise, and more!)
  • BONUS GIFT #1: 90 days of Unlimited HOME STUDIO support from our professional audio engineers
  • BONUS GIFT #2: The Home Studio Masterclass and Certification Program
  • BONUS GIFT #3: 12 Months Of Ongoing Coaching, Support, Networking, Training, And More In The “Speak To Perform Voice Over Club”
Your Investment To Join
Let’s get down to brass tacks: “How much will this cost to join?” As I’m sure you know, any home-based business has startup costs. In fact, according to Business News Daily, the typical start-up cost of a business can be $184,830… or more!

 And I can tell you that I’ve seen audio engineers charge thousands to set up a home studio (and that’s without unlimited access). I’ve also seen coaches charge $5,000 for just the demo alone!

 But even if it was $5,000 or more to get your home studio set up AND to get your voice over demo perfect, wouldn’t that be more than worth it? Absolutely! Because even at $5,000, that would be chump change compared to what you can make back from just a few clients (even small ones).

But don’t worry, because you are a Preferred Customer this won’t cost you $5,000… In fact, when you act today, you can get your “soup-to-nuts” Voice Over Demo… complete with five coaching sessions to ensure you nail it… all the editing, music, and post-production done for you… unlimited access to our professional sound engineer so your studio is pitch perfect for your demo and beyond… 3 months of additional free group coaching sessions… AND a free ticket to The Home Studio Masterclass and Certification Program.

For a small investment you can get all of the above and you can even pay for it over 6 months interest free with Klarna or PayPal credit if you qualify.

But you might be wondering:

“Why are you giving away the farm and then some?”

 Great question. The reason we cooked up this deal at such an incredible value is simple: In my 30-year career, I’ve made millions from my voice over clients.

And because of that, I’ve been able to live an incredible life and I really love my work! And now that I’ve been blessed with such a wonderful career, I want to give back to other aspiring voice talent.

So now my mission is to create as many successful voice over artists as possible. Even if that means charging far less than my competitors.
Here are 2 easy ways to say YES!
to this Incredible Demo Offer…
Your details are 100% Secure and will never be shared....
Time is ticking on this offer. So ACT NOW with one of the 2 easy ways below:

1) Email: and tell us you want in. We’ll schedule a time with your Talent Advisor to get you signed up.

 2) Call: The Great Voice Company at 800-333-8108

As soon as we receive your payment, your spot will be reserved and confirmed and we will reach out to you shortly to put your coaching sessions on the calendar.

We also want you to feel fully comfortable trusting us with your demo. So if you have any questions at all and would like to discuss this limited-time opportunity with our talent advisor before you make a decision, please email “” to schedule an appointment at your convenience.

So if you are at all interested, don’t put this off!

I would hate to see you miss this opportunity and kick yourself later. You deserve to give this amazing gift to yourself with your new Voice Over Demo! 

To your voice over success,
Susan Berkley
Need some inspiration? Here’s what Aundrea Cudjoe-Jackson of Houston, TX had to say about her Great Voice Demo….
Aundrea Cudjoe-Jackson

“Good news! I just signed with the agent everyone wants in Houston and booked a voice over for Coca Cola! I’m so excited about how well things are going, even during the pandemic! Thank you for the demo you produced for me and for all your help with my home studio. You and the Great Voice team have been a blessing!”
P.S. To be my next success story contact or phone 800-333-8108 TODAY to lock in the $2,238 savings, the bonus gifts AND have The Great Voice Team produce a flawless new voice over demo for you!  Payment plans available!
Here are some samples of our student demos
  • Alicia Gittens
  • Lydia Casey
  • Nita Drakatos
  • Tom Archibald
  • Ed Snoke
  • Tom Taylor
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