Due to popular demand, Team Great Voice is releasing its most generous bundle ever and is giving you…

EVERYTHING You Need To Build A Voice Over Career From Scratch!

Now get all 3 of our “Fundamentals” trainings for a heavily discounted price. This includes:

> The Home Studio Masterclass certification and training program - so you can get “Home Studio Certified” and ensure you deliver broadcast-quality sound each and every time

> A Professionally-Recorded Voice Over Demo - this is our “white glove” demo service complete with 5 weeks of coaching to ensure you nail your demo—plus three months with your own on-call sound engineer for ongoing support

> A Full-Year’s Access To The Speak To Perform Voice Over Club - so you can hone your skills, develop a marketing strategy, and get ongoing support and accountability for a full 12 months

Apply today and you’ll save $697 on this incredible bundle! This limited-time offer won’t last long and may never be repeated again!

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Dear Friend,

 If you’d like Team Great Voice to take you by the hand and help you build a voice over career over the next 12 months… then you’re in luck!

Because we’ve  recently put together the first-ever…

Great Voice Complete Training Package!

This is a no-holds-barred, complete “Aardvark to Zebra” training package that will give you EVERYTHING you need to start and build a voice over career from the ground up.
We put this program together by popular demand  because so many people asked and even begged us for a “complete package”. And we are thrilled to be able to offer this to you today.

But that said…

Availability is very limited

That’s because our VO training  programs are so popular, our  Team Great Voice Coaches are almost completely booked. Qualified applicants will be admitted on a first come basis.

And here’s another great benefit…

If accepted into the Great Voice Complete Training Package… you’ll be saving an additional $697.

(And if you’ve already done one of the included trainings, we will discount your package accordingly. Apply below and talk to one of our team members for details.)

But before you get too excited, you should know that…

This opportunity is by application only…

And the reason why is simple.

We only want people we can help. After all, this is a big commitment of time and energy for you and  our team due to the amount of hands-on personal attention we give you in our year together.

And so the application is to ensure that this is the right fit for you.

So without further ado, let me tell you what’s included:
Benefit #1 - The Home Studio Masterclass Training & Certification Program
The Home Studio Masterclass is a 30-day “sprint” to getting a broadcast-quality home studio.

You’ll get 4 weekly training segments with expert audio engineer, Ron Pucket. And you’ll be able to send in your audio for Ron’s review. In fact, during the 4th and final class, Ron will be giving you a home studio certification, so that you ensure you’re getting broadcast-quality sound.

This also comes with my “No-Fail You Can Do This Guarantee”.

Which means, if you follow along with the course… and you still don’t meet our standards for home studio certification… we’ll let you take the course again absolutely free.

Even if you’re a technophobic  beginner, you absolutely cannot fail!

And once you have your home studio dialed in and rocking and rolling, you’ll get…
Benefit # 2 - Your Professionally-Recorded, Broadcast-Quality Voice Over Demo
A competitive, professionally produced voice over demo is one of the fastest ways to land great clients.

And with the Great Voice Complete Training Package… you'll have a personal coach to help you nail your demo. From planning and strategy… to recording day direction… and even editing and post-production… we’ve got your back!

This really is the “soup-to-nuts” demo deal you’ve been waiting for!

The entire process takes about 6weeks. And each week you’ll meet 1-on-1 with your coach to plan, practice, and get ready to record your demo.

But that’s not all.

Even though your home studio will already be dialed in from the Home Studio Masterclass we know that you may want a little more help and assistance along the way.

That’s why  we’re giving you 90 days of priority access to  your own personal on-call sound engineer, Chris Fox,  by appointment if you need it..

Chris has over 15 years of experience in audio engineering, post production, sound design, and location recording for some of the biggest media companies on the planet. Including NBC, CBS, MTV, ESPN, the NFL Network, and more!

So now you have your home studio perfected and a voice over demo  you LOVE that  can get you noticed and get you jobs. Which brings us to…
Benefit # 3 - 12 Months Of Ongoing Coaching, Support, Networking, Training, And More In The “Speak To Perform Voice Over Club”
To top things off, we’re giving you a full year’s access to our  Speak To Perform Voice Over Club.

This means you’ll get all the benefits, including:

STP Perk #1 - Live Monthly “Marketing Curriculum Calls” With Me, Susan Berkley

This is a monthly live call with me, where I’ll dive into a specific marketing topic that will help you grow your voice over business.

As you may know, I’ve been studying marketing and business development with the best of the best for decades. And I’m humbled to say that I’m known in the industry as the go-to marketing expert for voice talent who really want to grow their business. So really, the sky’s the limit on what I can share and what you will learn as a member!

STP Perk #2 - The Live “Audio Feedback Booth”

The Audio Feedback Booth is your opportunity to submit a :60 audio file recorded in your home studio (such as a commercial, an excerpt from an audiobook or an eLearning narration).

You’ll then join a Zoom call where one of our coaches will play your audio file for the group and give you feedback on your submission. Plus, you’ll get support and encouragement in the chat from your peers.

This valuable member benefit enables you to consistently improve your performance, avoid mistakes and ensure that the sound of your home studio is top-notch, so you can provide your clients with rockstar-quality audio each and every time.

STP Perk #3 - Access To The Entire Great Voice Vault Of Voice Over Trainings!

In addition to the coaching calls, you’ll get access to the DOZENS of training that are currently kept under lock and key inside “The Great Voice Vault of Voice Over Trainings.”

This alone could help take you to voice over success. And I wanted to be sure to include it to give you a steady “drip” of valuable information that will help you improve on every aspect of voice over.

From performance, to marketing, to mindset and more… there’s literally a training on any topic you could ever need.

STP Perk #4 - The Speak To Perform Membership Forum

In the forum, you can network and make friends with people who get you. Plus, you’ll stay connected with a supportive group of peers that can answer your questions, give you feedback on your work, and support you on your journey.

STP Perk #5 - 10% Discounts on Great Voice Masterclasses and Flash Training's

Like I said, the Great Voice Complete Training Package gives you EVERYTHING you need to build a voice over career. But what if you want additional training from us like our popular Audiobooks Masterclass or Fiverr Training  for example?

Well when you join the Great Voice Complete Training Package, you’ll save 10% on all our future Masterclasses and Flash Trainings.
What the Great Voice Total Training Package can do for you
Nowhere else will you get the type of hand-holding and personal attention that comes with the Great Voice Complete Training Package. Not to mention that you’ll come out the other side with a solid foundation to start a thriving, work-from anywhere, voice over business.

Plus, the Great Voice Total Training Package is an extremely affordable way to start a business. (Most businesses have $30,000 to $40,000 start-up costs in their first year… and this is way less than that.)

So how much?

If accepted, your  investment to join the Great Voice Complete Training Package - including home studio training  and certification… your own professionally-recorded voice over demo… and 12 months of coaching, training and support in the Speak To Perform Voice Over Club.

Is just $2,997 (a $697 savings)

Look, I know that’s a bit of an investment—but it is the most affordable option on the market. In fact, I’ve heard of people charging more than twice that much JUST to record a demo without any of the valuable perks we’re offering in the Great Voice Complete Training  package.

How to apply for the Great Voice Total Training Package today
The reason we’re requiring an application for this program is because  we only want serious people that we know we can help.

This  isn’t about how “good” you are at voice over right now. It’s more about seeing whether or not there’s a fit.

Once you apply and qualify, you’ll be given a link to book a time to speak with someone on our team. They’ll answer any questions you have. Give you any details you need. And help you decide whether or not this program is right for you.

The deadline to apply for this incredible offer is Friday March 17.

After that, we’ll be closing it  down for awhile  to serve the new people we’ll be  bringing into  the program.

And when we offer it again, it will most likely  be at a higher price


I’m not asking you for a single cent today and no credit card is required to apply. This is simply an invitation to see if there’s a fit. 

To apply now, for The Great Voice Complete Training Package please click the link below.

Deadline to apply is Friday March 17.

Questions? Contact support@greatvoice.com or call 800-333-8108.

Questions? Call us at 800-333-8108 
(9:30 am-5:30 pm ET M-F) 
or email support@greatvoice.com
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