Introducing: The newest virtual voice over training from The Great Voice Company…
“How To Find An HONEST Talent Agent To Help You Grow Your Voice Over Business…
Even If You’re A New Beginner”
The Talent Agent Masterclass 
With Susan Berkley and Talent Agent Tia Marlier
Saturday June 15th, 2024
11 am - 5 pm ET ( 8 am - 2 pm PT)
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Dear Great Voice, 

Imagine you had a true partner in your voice over success: a partner who would introduce you to the biggest and best voice over opportunities. Who would go to bat for you, talk you up, send you auditions and when you get the gig, negotiate the best rates and make sure you got paid fairly and in a timely manner.

That partner is your voice over talent agent.

Everyone knows that agents and actors work hand in hand. No successful actor in TV, theatre or film ever succeeds without one. An agent paves the way, scopes out opportunity, gets you the best money for your work and shares a small percentage of the profits.

Before the internet, almost all voice over auditions and subsequent jobs came through talent agents. The market was much smaller back then and relatively few voice actors did most of the work.

Today, the virtual world has brought an explosion of voice over opportunities: there are 14 voice over niches including e-learning, audio books, video games and of course, commercial advertising on TV, radio, cable, satellite, in stores and on phones and other devices.

And yes, today there are now more professional voice talent than ever before, but the market is far from saturated. 

Billions of dollars are being spent and thousands of voice overs are being recorded every day. Celebrities and the ‘same people’ can’t do all that work. New people are breaking in every week…why not you?
“Good news! I I just signed with Pastorini-Bosby Talent in Houston (the agent everyone wants) and booked a voice over for the new Aha Drink that Coca Cola is releasing! I’m also signed with the Lori Lins agency in Chicago and booked a Radio/TV spot for the Columbus Zoo Polar Express 4-D Experience. I’m so excited about how well things are going with my VO biz, even during the pandemic!”

Aundrea Cudjoe-Jackson, 
Houston, TX
These days it’s no secret that you can bypass agents altogether and buy your way into auditions, paying hundreds, and even thousands, of dollars annually to one of the so-called pay to play services like or Voice 1-2-3.

You’ll get auditions alright but so will hundreds of other voices competing for the gig. 

While these paid voice casting services might seem like a good idea, people tell us they do hundreds and even thousands of auditions and only have a hand full of gigs to show for it.

So, to be perfectly clear…
We will NOT be talking about Pay To Play services in this training.

The “VO Agent Masterclass” is about forging productive partnerships with trustworthy talent agencies who can help you grow your voice over business 
Because while the pay to play subscription services cost a pretty penny to join, the talent agencies we’ll be talking about are 100% free of charge. 

You’ll never pay a single dime for representation if accepted by a legitimate talent agent. In fact, they pay you for the voice over jobs you book through them, less their agency commission of 10-20%.

(And in fact, if any so-called agent ever asks you for a single dime up front for representation, you should run because it’s probably a scam.) 
Beginner Benefits Of Being Represented By A Legitimate Voice Over Talent Agency
  • Ad agencies are hungrier than ever for a diverse talent pool and fresh options and they’re bugging agents for these voices.
  • Access to curated auditions and casting breakdowns you’ll never see on your own (no more pay to play ‘cattle calls’)
  • Professional help negotiating rates and getting top dollar for your services
  • They pay to market their client talents (free advertising)
  • An added “aura of professionalism”
  • Auditions (and bookings) are all online – 100% work from home
  • Expanded opportunity…work with multiple agents in the U.S. and abroad (!)
David Brower
“I have several European talent agents who have gotten me a variety of English language voice overs including a documentary for Dutch TV; spots for a shopping mall and a hotel in Pakistan; and an agent in London who got me a voice over for a company that makes HVAC systems for luxury yachts! I had to do the voiceover in a British accent, which I perfected by watching YouTube videos. Fun!” 

David Brower, 
Indialantic, Fl
The "VO Agent Masterclass" will be taught by me and former talent agent Tia Marlier!
Tia Marlier
Special guest Talent Agent Tia Marlier is a former talent agent with several nationally known agencies.
She has many years of experience casting hundreds of voice over jobs and  working with talent nationwide. She’s also a coach for the Great Voice company and an accomplished voice talent herself. Her extensive experience on both sides of the microphone makes her uniquely qualified to teach this training and bring you the most up-to-date, VO Career building expertise.

Tia and I will bring you all the latest on how to get legitimate talent agency representation for your new voice over business including:
  • The A,B,C’s of talent agents: how they work and what they do
  • How agents are compensated and how they set your fees
  • The best places to find agents interested in new voices
  • How to submit your demo and make yourself attractive to agents
  • How to do great auditions that will get you noticed
  • Where to find reputable agents interested in your success!
Terrence Elie
“After working intensely with Susan Berkley I landed a top talent agent in New York City and my voice is going to be on two radio commercials for the NBA Playoffs & Finals! Susan and her team at Great Voice have supported me every step of the way!” 

Terence Elie, 
And by the way, if you’re wondering how to stand out among a sea of voices and get an agent’s attention- especially when you’re new…

We’ll help you identify your unique VOICE BRAND and then…

Walk you through my Easy Agent Analyzer so you can understand which agencies have ‘holes’ in their roster and might be looking for a voice like yours.

Plus, you’ll discover the types of products your voice brand is likely to be used for so you can include these types of spots on your demo when you’re ready to record!(If you haven’t done your demo yet, this insider intel is priceless!)

Then, we’ll “crowd source” your voice type. Are you the relatable friend, wise elder, story teller, drinking buddy, something else?

What’s your vocal age range? Can you be conversational, sensuous, comedic, over the top?
Will help you pinpoint it all so you can position yourself for success!!

But that’s not all…before we’re done, my special guest talent agent Tia Marlier will pull out all the stops with…
A training-within- a training on How To Direct yourself for Winning Auditions!
You’ll discover:
  • How to decipher casting specs.
  • Why you should always do a second take and how to do one that sounds completely different from the first (and the rare instances where it’s ‘strictly verboten)
  • How to stand out by surprising the auditioner
  • The “5 Directions” every voice talent must know 
  • How to increase your chances of getting the job by thinking like the copywriter
Finally, we’ll wrap things up with an amazing block-buster segment called
Would this audition get cast?
If you’re new, you may be surprised to learn that you rarely, if ever, get feedback on your auditions.

This can be extremely frustrating because it’s hard to know if you’re doing it right or how to improve. But it’s just the way things are in the voice acting business—agents and auditioners don’t have the time to give talent feedback on their auditions so we just have to live with it. 

Have you ever wished you could be a fly on the wall in casting sessions so you can understand why certain auditions get selected and others get rejected/
Well now you can! 

Tia has graciously agreed to do a special segment where selected performers will read audition scripts for her feedback.

She’ll then put her casting hat on and let you read her mind, telling you exactly what she thinks about the audition and whether it has a chance of getting cast (don’t worry: she’ll be honest, but kind.)

Think of what this single segment alone could be worth to your career! No more wondering if you’re doing it right. You’ll correct bad habits and audition with confidence each and every time.
If all this sounds good to you, you’re probably wondering how much?
It’s no secret that hundreds of emerging voice talent have happily paid $1,500 and even as much as $2,000 to attend our famous live 2 ½ day Bootcamps.

They’ve flown in from all across the country and as far away as Kenya, Singapore and London, spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on airfare and lodging.

But because of the current situation and high demand for this program, I’ve adapted my VO Talent Agent Masterclass into an  online intensive so it’s a cost-effective and worthwhile investment for you.

Good news for you here, too.

For a limited time, the tuition for the VO Talent Agent Masterclass is only $497.

Plus, everything is being recorded and you’ll have lifetime access to listen and learn again and again.

And considering that this workshop is a solid 6 hours of amazing content (with plenty of snack and bathroom breaks)… just one new client will pay back your investment and then some.

In fact, I told one colleague about everything you get in The Talent Agent Masterclass and she smirked and said I could charge 2 or 3 times as much and it would still be too little. 

But I wanted to make this an easy decision for you because you really need this training. Which is why I priced it so incredibly low. This really is a steal! Plus…
Important Refund and Cancellation Policy
You may cancel your registration and request a full refund up to 5 pm ET on Friday June 14th. After that there will be no refunds, whether or not you attend the Talent Agent Masterclass. With your paid enrollment you will still get lifetime access to the recordings of the programs for which you registered.
Here’s what you get at:
The VO Talent Agent Masterclass
Saturday June 15, 2024
11 am-5:00 pm ET
Tuition: $497
Here’s a recap of everything you get in this amazing Talent Agent Masterclass:
  • The ABC’s of Talent Agents: How They Work and what they do
  • The best places to find agents interested in new voices
  • How to submit your demo and make yourself attractive to agents
  • How to do great auditions that will get you noticed
  • Where to find reputable agents interested in your success!
  • How To Identify Your Unique Voice Brand 
  • What to put on your demo for a professional agent submission with examples of good and not-so-good submissions from Tia’s archives.
  • A Training Within A Training on how to audition and direct yourself
  • Would this audition be cast? A chance to perform for Tia in this live feedback session
…and much, much more.
Order VO AGENT MASTERCLASS and get instant online access to these FAST ACTION BONUSES
FAST ACTION BONUS #1: (first 25 people)
A comprehensive Audition Review 
($250 value)
We’ll review the audio file of an audition of your choice (or record one of the scripts from the Masterclass) and send you written feedback with suggestions for improvement to make sure you’re all set and good to go! (No expiration date. Just send us an MP3 file whenever you’re ready.)
GOOD NEWS! If you’re seeing this text: you still qualify to receive the Comprehensive Audition Review BONUS with your Agent Masterclass registration)
Cover Letter and Submission Review
($195 value)
  • When you’re ready to submit to your first talent agency, send us your cover letter and demo first.
  • We’ll review it, comment and give you the green light so you’re 100% confident that you’re ready to go!
Voice Over Demo Discount Coupon ($397 value)
A $397 discount coupon towards your first or next voice over demo, any genre! Take advantage of this generous demo discount and with everything you’ll be learning in this VO Agent training, you’ll be able to hit the ground running the minute you finish your new demo!

May not be combined with any other offer. Demo must be purchased by 7/31/24.
A FREE 30 Day Test Drive Of Our Speak To Perform Voice Over Club! (Value: $47)
  • Monthly Marketing Curriculum Call with me
  • The Great Voice Vault of VO Trainings
  • Member Forum
  • 10% Discount on Masterclasses and Flash Trainings
New members only. (May not be combined with any other offer.)
Upgrade your training
Add the Home Studio Masterclass and Certification Program at registration and save $100!
In this small-group masterclass, Great Voice engineer Ron Puckett will take you by the hand, and help you go from square one to setting up your home studio and recording broadcast quality audio in just about 30 days or less.

You’ll discover how to:
  • Choose  the best audio gear without breaking the bank and learn how to set it up.
  • Install and use the best recording software.
  • Easily eliminate background noise with inexpensive, easy-to-use software.
    ​Edit out mistakes from your audio.
  • Meet the precise audio specifications of your future clients.
  • Save, send and upload audio files.
Receive the Great Voice Audio Certified seal of approval upon course completion.
Normally $497, the Home Studio Masterclass is only $397 when you bundle it with the VO Agent Masterclass at checkout. Offered monthly, choose dates that work for you.
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