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The Keppe and Pacheco Trilogical Colleges
Therapy for the World
The Science of Analytical Trilogy in Everyday Life

A 12-week Virtual Training
Saturdays June 10 – Sept. 2, 2023
12-PM ET (11 am CT, 10 MT, 9 PT)

More than 40,000 students have graduated from our educational institutions worldwide
About this Course

Norberto Keppe’s Trilogical Therapeutic Method is a new and innovative science developed by psychoanalysts Norberto R. Keppe and Claudia Bernhardt Pacheco. It  provides an innovative  approach to preventing, diagnosing and treating psychological, physical and spiritual malaise.

In this therapeutic, interactive and practical course in our virtual classroom,  we will study the causes, interrelationships and treatment of psychological and social illness based on the latest discoveries in psychoanalysis, metaphysics and science.
Learner benefits:
  • Manage out of control thoughts, emotions and behaviors
  • Reduce stress, enjoy greater well-being
  • Acquire the know-how to better manage conflict at home and at work
  • Get un-stuck and stay motivated to complete important projects
  • Hone your leadership skills.
  • Resolve nagging fears and insecurities
  • Enjoy deeper, more satisfying relationships with loved ones
  • Gain next-level knowledge to achieve your goals
  • Begin the process of healing the attitudes that impede us from enjoying the goodness and happiness that is our birthright.
What we’ll study:

Module 1: The Psychological Life – An Introduction to Psychopathology and Sociopathology
Gain a deep understanding of why:
  • People tend to sabotage their best intentions
  • We always seem to be “getting ready to get ready,” struggling to complete the things that are most important to do.
  • We think we want what’s best for ourselves but often do the worst
  • Friendships are so easily broken and  marriages end in divorce
  • Anxiety and stress is so prevalent, disturbing our sleep, undermining our health and keeping us from doing the things we love
  • Work groups just can’t seem to get along
  • Our beloved country has become more polarized than ever before
  • It’s been so difficult for humanity to unify and care for our planet

Module 2: The Will and our Mental, Physical and Social Health
Gain a deep understanding of:
  • Why addictions and vices are so hard to overcome
  • The problem of narcissism and why it’s so much deeper and harmful than merely being a little self-centered and in love with oneself
  • The insidious thirst for power, glory and control, in politics, at work and even in our personal lives
  • Money hunger. Is it really a sickness or just a natural part of American life.
  • Why our cherished American work ethic is fast becoming a thing of the past and how to recover before it’s too late.
  • Why dream vacations and getaways can often leave us feeling empty and exhausted
    Why we’re so easily manipulated by advertisers to spend our money foolishly...while loving it in the process.
Module 3: Case Studies – the Science of Analytical Trilogy (Integral Psychoanalysis) in Practice
Gain a deep understanding of why people:
  • Why addictions and vices are so hard to overcome
  • Squander their lives and their talents
  • Transform their psychological problems into physical symptoms
    (especially when things are going well)
  • Think they can make money magically  without work
  • Turn to crime and illicit behavior to get ahead
  • Find reality so difficult to accept
  • Are accident prone and attracted to dangerous sports and activities
  • Persist in fantasies and delusions of grandeur
  • Sincerely believe that by  ignoring problems they will disappear
Each module includes self-study in our on-line platform followed by weekly guided discussions led by our expert faculty of trained psychoanalysts and psycho-socio therapists.


A 12-week Virtual Training
Saturdays June 10 - Sept. 2, 2023
12 PM ET (11 am CT, 10 MT, 9 PT)
Classes are approximately 60 mins long
Each class is recorded and archived for lifetime access


$300 for the 3 month program or 3 interest-free payments of $100/mo.
Your  instructors
Richard Lloyd Jones

Richard Lloyd Jones

Richard Lloyd Jones has been a communications and media professional for over 40 years. Before moving to Brazil to study at Keppe’s Institute of Integral Psychoanalysis in São Paulo, he was one of Canada’s top voice-over actors and has won numerous performance awards. He is the author of  The Modern Relevance of God and the writer and producer of two podcasts — Thinking with Somebody Else’s Head, and Healing Through Consciousness, an online psychology show with Dr. Claudia Pacheco — and the creator of the STOP Radio Network. A certified psychoanalyst in Analytical Trilogy, he is a professor  at the Keppe and Pacheco Trilogical Colleges in Brazil and on line.

Susan Berkley

Susan Berkley

Susan Berkley- Susan has been a communications and media professional for four decades. A top voice over artist, she is the founder of The Great Voice Company and a renowned voice over teacher with thousands of students worldwide. She is the author of Speak To Influence: How To Unlock The Hidden Power of Your Voice and Voice-Over Success Secrets. A certified psychoanalyst in Analytical Trilogy, she is an adjunct professor at the Keppe and Pacheco Trilogical Colleges in Brazil and on line.
Gilbert Gambucci

Gilbert Gambucci

Gilbert Gambucci- Gilbert is an American pianist and  international academic representative and professor of piano and transdisciplinary studies at the Keppe and Pacheco Trilogical Colleges in Brazil and on line. He is the author of “Third Millennium Renaissance: The Vital Role Of Music And The Arts In Society” and “Unresolved: The Severe Pathology Of Those Who Wield Socioeconomic Power.” A certified psycho-socio therapist, Gilbert lectures and performs his Consciousness Concerts internationally which are a unique blend of music and trilogical science, a psycho-social spiritual therapy.

Upon successful completion of this course, you’ll be granted a Certificate of Completion from the Keppe & Pacheco Trilogical Colleges, an accredited educational institution in Brazil. 
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