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A Message From Susan Berkley
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Voice Over First Steps is a LIVE masterclass training on Saturday, April 20th at 1pm ET / 10 am PT. taught by Susan Berkley, signature voice of Citibank, founder  and author, Voice Over Secrets Exposed.
During the live training, I’ll cover everything you need to get started in voice over. Including:
  • Why the “VO Tech Boom” has unleashed a flood of opportunity for ALL types of voices. And why NOW is the best time to hop in.
  • Which niche should you choose? Here’s an in-depth look at the 14 niche voice over markets—and how to know which is right for you.
  • Why voice over is the ideal home-based lifestyle business. Work remotely, travel when you want, and get paid—what could be better?
  • How to set up a home studio in a closet or corner of your desk… on almost any budget.
  • The surprising truth about the “best” types of voices for voice over. And why if you know what to look for, there are clients out there desperate for someone with a voice just like yours.
  • Where to find the best clients for your voice over business.
  • A proven plan for enjoying a successful home-based voice over business.
    And lots, lots more!

This program will be recorded and you’ll have lifetime access to watch this training as often as you like.
In addition, when you register today you’ll get:
Bonus #1 - A Free Voice Consultation  With A Great Voice Talent Advisor (value: $97)
We want to help you get up to speed as fast as possible. Which is why Voice Over First Steps comes with a private telephone voice consultation with one of our friendly talent advisors.

Normally this sells for $97. But to sweeten the deal, we’re including it with Voice Over First Steps free!

The voice consultation is all about you and your goals. You’ll even be given a few short scripts to read. And after, your talent advisor will give you a comprehensive baseline assessment of your foundational voice over skills.
These skills include:
  • Master home studio recording skills
  • Diction/articulation
  • Ability to read smoothly
  • Pacing
  • Voice quality
  • Vocal energy level
  • Voice acting skills
And please, do NOT worry if you’re brand new and have never done this before. Your talent advisor will take that into account, and recommend next steps if you’d like to proceed.

But that’s not all. You’ll also get…
Bonus #2 - The 4-Video “VO Start Here” Training (Value: $97)
In these training videos,  I pull back the curtain on my Perfect Performance technique that helped me land clients like AT&T, CitiBank, Google, Johnson & Johnson, Sprint, and more.

”VO Start Here” is a go-at-your-own-pace training.

You’ll get access to the recordings and can watch and practice at your convenience.

There are 4 training videos, each detailing one of my 4 key foundational secrets for nailing any voice over script in minutes.

I’ve taught this to hundreds of aspiring voice over artists over the years to great success. And now these secrets can be yours to use again and again in every audition and recording session you do.
You get 4 training videos where I’ll teach you the fundamentals of my “Perfect Performance”™ voice acting method, one of the 3 pillars of the “Mic To Money” System.   

Video 1: The Most Important Voice Acting Skill of All: Today's producers, agents and casting directors are looking for voice actors who talk the way real people talk. A golden voice that sounds too perfect can actually be a liability so I've got your back with my simple four-step method and crystal-clear guidelines. You'll develop a natural, believable voice over-style. You'll be absolutely irresistible to voice buyers.

Video 2: The "living room" technique: Ever listen to a great audio recording and feel as if you and the narrator are side by side, enjoying a conversation with a trusted friend? You may be surprised to learn that great voice over is more visual than auditory. It has more to do with projecting a vivid movie and manipulating the images in the listeners mind than with the sound of your voice. We'll work together so you can master this technique and discover your money-making signature sound.

Video 3: The "Indiana Jones" Method: The great explorer Indiana Jones would love this lesson because it's all about discovering moments of magic in your voice over scripts. Knowing how to deploy this key voice acting secret really separates the wannabe's from the masters. But once I teach you this simple trick you'll gain instant expertise that clueless beginners struggle for years to master.

Video 4: The "Moment Before" Procedure: One of the biggest challenges beginners face is getting into the copy, starting and staying in character. Not any more! You may not realize this, but all voice over is voice acting, and you are always in character, even when you're doing the "straight stuff". You'll walk away with a treasure chest full of easy to master tips and tricks to help you deliver a seamless voice over performance from the very first word to the very last period at the end of every script.
And you can get all that for just $47 today!
Voice Over First Steps includes:
  • A LIVE 1-hour masterclass, where I’ll explain the voice over opportunity and walk you through the first steps to  take as an aspiring voice over artist. 
  • A bonus Voice Consultation, where one of our talent advisors will discuss your voice over goals, listen to you read scripts and help you map out a plan to success.
  • A bonus 4-video series called “VO Start Here”, which reveals the performance secrets I’ve used to land clients like AT&T, CitiBank, and Google.
The deadline to join is Friday, April 19th at 5pm Eastern.

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P.S. The LIVE masterclass training is Saturday, April 20th at 1pm ET / 10 am PT.

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Everything will be recorded so you can come back to it again and again.

Because this is a new program, it’s likely the price will be going up in the future.

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